Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Celebrating Life with Siblings... =)

So when my little bro's girlfriend asked us out to go bowling -- how could I say no?! =)

Pick your ball carefully Carrie -- Your score depends on it!

My favorite shot of the night - 3 size 8, a size 10 and a size 12.

Go Aaron! 

And the way you swing tells me a lot about WHO you are...always analyzing ya know. = p

Carrie - won both games of the night -- You are just plain fun to be with Carrie gal!

I'd never been bowling before...but the first ball wasn't a gutter ball either. 

Another first time bowler...Go Sarah Bear!

Yes Aaron, you always were the lady's man little bro! =)

Celebrating sisterhood and Victory!

High fiving and happy cheering were irresistible!

Cold Coke

You guys are amazing! =) Love you all and thanks for the amazing evening!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One of those days

It was one of those Monday on a Tuesday sort of days. The kind of days when you feel like crying but instead you sing in the shower about blue skies to keep your spirits up. The kind of day you feel like going back to bed but instead you get up and go for a walk. The kind of day you wish you could eat chocolate but your cold demands that you drink water and avoid sugar, so you drink water with lemon in it. The kind of day when you say goodbye to old friends and wish relationships lasted forever. The kind of day when you give thanks for friends like your Mom. The kind of day when you take time to watch little siblings put on a "love bug" show outdoors with flips on the trampoline and chuckle over their silly songs about "eating apple pie in the apple tree, delightful " and "eating Pizza in Italy". The kind of day where you give thanks because every day is not Monday but more so because every day is an opportunity to find something to give thanks for. =) 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


     The air is filled with the cries and groans of the wounded. Pierced with the sorrowing echoes of the fallen warriors. The sky above is dark with the black veil of the silent heavens -- the Commander in Chief, in mourning. Heavy rain falls, the broken heart of the Bridegroom for His broken bride.
     But here and there moving among the fallen -- little lights.  And among them the face of one I seem to recognize. A dear familiar face. Among the fallen too are so many familiar faces. One broken by the weight of rejection. Another twisted with fear. A man fallen to his knees, the dagger of lust torn from his heart and held dripping with blood and mingling with tears. One angry, another defensive, sheidling his wounds from the eyes of passersby. This -- the broken body of Christ -- this -- the brotherhood soaked with sweat and soul blood of spiritual warfare.
    But this face rises above the others in my view, and I see in it the commission of the Commander. She moves with the grace common to those given this title. Her badge is the badge of compassion. Her mission -- to be in this darkness, an angel of mercy.
    It is written in her eyes as she stoops to touch the hand of a fallen girl.  The entering in -- the deep awareness of another's soul suffering. This she has received from the great Physician. The cordial of a word of hope is spoken to a despairing woman. The love written in a bandage bound around the bleeding  arm of a soldier, wounded in the attempt of rescuing another.
     She pauses to weep with a mourner. She holds an injured child close. Soothes the haunting cries of a soul that's lost all hope. Speaks forgiveness to the hate filled heart of a legless watcher. Holds the secrets of the hearts she touches in safety, and prays words of grace through tears of mercy.
    The price of compassion is the cost of her very heart, and she gives it gladly because she sees through the fog of pain, the wounded hands of the suffering Savior. Her Savior, whose compassion healed her and made her whole. And through the long night of darkness, while the battle still rages, she wears the badge of compassion and in her heart believes for all these wounded ones, in the Redeemer and the Beauty risen from the ashes. And that someday this place too will know the healing of His grace.