Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Celebrating Life with Siblings... =)

So when my little bro's girlfriend asked us out to go bowling -- how could I say no?! =)

Pick your ball carefully Carrie -- Your score depends on it!

My favorite shot of the night - 3 size 8, a size 10 and a size 12.

Go Aaron! 

And the way you swing tells me a lot about WHO you are...always analyzing ya know. = p

Carrie - won both games of the night -- You are just plain fun to be with Carrie gal!

I'd never been bowling before...but the first ball wasn't a gutter ball either. 

Another first time bowler...Go Sarah Bear!

Yes Aaron, you always were the lady's man little bro! =)

Celebrating sisterhood and Victory!

High fiving and happy cheering were irresistible!

Cold Coke

You guys are amazing! =) Love you all and thanks for the amazing evening!

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  1. Good times! :) Gotta do this again sometime! :)