Friday, September 28, 2012

Pressing On

 The battle's roar is all around you. The enemy guns are constantly firing. The dust is thick and hardly ever settles enough for you to get more than a hazy view of what's going on. The cries and moans of the wounded are always at hand. The duties press in on every moment. If you ever sleep it's curled up for a tight hour of sleep in a musty fox hole. And then the commander calls and you are on your feet again.
     We are in a battle. And sometimes it is easy to grow weary in well doing. Sometimes we feel as if we'll faint. It's then that our commander's words ring again in our ears. "Be strong and of good courage. Your work will be rewarded. Seek first my Kingdom and all these things will be added unto you."
     When did we begin to buy into the lie that it's about our comfort? "Take up your cross." We knew this was the cost of following our Christ. Perhaps we failed to count it? When did we begin to view our happiness as the end of our faith? No, we are to count our lives but loss for the high calling of Jesus Christ. To run with patience the race set before us. FOR HIS GLORY. It's so easy to forget that's it's really not about us at all but about HIM.  And there is so much at stake. Eternity waits, but the question remains WILL WE BE FAITHFUL?
     And yet when you are utterly weary, wounded in the battle, it is then that the Commander in Chief steps in as the medic and stoops to lift us. Jesus too desired rest. Jesus too knew the press of the crowd and noise and dust and longed for quiet. He knew the strain of struggling souls, the pain of rejection, the agony of the garden, and the death of the cross. But He did not stay there. He rose victorious and conquering King. And this is what gives us the strength to go on. The truth of the LOVE of our commander for those under Him that makes them MORE THAN CONQUERORS. THROUGH HIM.

     Thus, we band together, following our wounded war Lord, the footsteps of the crucified, the Servant of all embodied in the Son of God. And as we draw on His strength we find we are sustained to go another step, another day. Because we have glimpsed again the journey's end when it will be WORTH it all. When we who have shared His sufferings will also share His glory. When we shall KNOW Him as we are known BY HIM. THAT WILL BE GLORY! Let's remain faithful and press on in the name of our KING Jesus.

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