Monday, October 8, 2012

Living Loved...


"The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing." Zeph 3:17


     The season's fierce beauty is haunting. We wake to mornings filled with the biting glory of frost. To morning sun rising through forests set aflame -- Brilliant with the Autumn bedecking of umber, ochroid, coral, and crimson. And the SON of Love arises in this heart -- beckons with a scintillating call to abandon oneself to the wildness of this moment and the untamed beauty of something more.
     The long summer days have given way. The geese fly in low formation overhead, the heavy flapping of their wings, whispering goodbye to all that was. The heavens mirror the moods of the season in it's ever changing crisp azures and chilling weepy grays. Thus too the changes of life come flocking. The flying days like the low flying geese, calling goodbye to all that once was and the changing mirrors of the heart's sky, crisp vision and grays of contemplation and sorrow by turns.
    And then the early snow. I've been abroad ten days and the carnival heightens to it's peak in my absence. My arrival home is met by sullen skies and a haze of choking smoke from the forest fires that burn through the North Land. Swept by gusty winds and dampened only slightly by a cold melancholy drizzle --  the following day brings the snow storm. This the first week in October.
     So too the fires of life and dangers rage around us. The smoke of confused pain sometimes clouds our view. Then the snow. The frigid reality of this fallen groaning world. Despite our feeble protests that this is "too soon." Yet through it all, just as through the swirling dancing whiteness -- as it mingles with the wild colors of fall yet clinging to the trees, I hear the call.
   And the voice that calls is the Voice of hope -- a hope that opens my eyes to see the beauty IN the cold whirling madness. It is a voice vibrant with the strength that invigorates, stirs my heart to action, renews my vision, -- It is a voice filled with purpose that sees the good of things being worked by a Sovereign Hand through the shattered mosaic of life. 
    It is an invitation. An invitation to find my identity more deeply IN HIM. Because after all it's all about Him anyway isn't it? And the wildly wonderful finding of our identity IN HIM gives us the freedom to be poured out FOR HIM. And as I answer the call, He comes to meet me. And as I look into His eyes I see tender laughter, and dangerous strength, and wild freedom. And in that moment I know what the call means. It's an invitation to living fully alive. Not just walking IN the Pain and the joy but ALIVE to it...It is an invitation. An invitation to living loved.