Thursday, July 11, 2013

Live NOW...

     Dawn creeps in early these summer days, as if aware that life is speeding by -- And more hours are needed to finish all that calls for our attention. To-do lists grow like the weeds in the garden rows, and interruptions in every day life, like the rain showers that come unexpectedly of an afternoon. But strangely, it's those rain showers that bring rainbows, and it's often the "interruptions" in a day that end up being most important. 

     The future calls, clamoring about all the opportunities that lie ahead. Decisions crowd in and crossroads sprawl out in front of us. Deadlines loom, screens blink, cell phones buzz, and projects wait to be completed. And they all need to be answered SOMETIME. But sometimes if we're really going to LIVE, we have to remember to breath, to clear a space around us to just to BE. Because after all we weren't created to be human-doings, but rather human- beings. 
    And TIME presses in SHORT, and we tend to BOLT to try and get ahead of it. But we never will. There will always be more to DO. The only way to truly LIVE is to not to run ahead of time, but instead to ENTER it and live FULLY right here -- right now. 

And thus, we pause, in the midst of the business. We stop long enough to laugh, to pray, to eat pizza in the park with friends, or walk in the dusk and count the fireflies. Because no matter what we are accomplishing, if we forget how to really live, then what are we really accomplishing? And if we haven't FULLY lived, than have we really lived at ALL?

     HERE is where God has me. Not in tomorrow. Not Yesterday. But today, with all it's deadlines, and interruptions, and projects. And with it's NOW of breezes, and blue sky. Shimmering lakes and baby laughter. HERE in the anticipation of what God is DOING in my BEING. 

     Yes, change is imminent. Tomorrow calls and we anticipate. But today, we enter the moment and LIVE. Because today will never be again, and when we look back, we will have no regrets if we have lived fully, we will only regret if we have not taken the time to truly live and love and BE WHO He made us to be. And as we SLOW, the simple becomes sacred, the interruptions become divine appointments, and our hearts beat in rhythm with His, who created us not for time but eternity, and we LIVE fully alive, in the gift of NOW.

“Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”― Jim Elliot